MONDAY, January 29th: White Out

Coronation starts at 1:30pm in the Auditorium

TUESDAY, January 30th: Salad Day (French, Ranch, Thousand Island, etc.)

Royalty day!

WEDNESDAY, January 31st: Jersey Day

Snow Olympics will be starting at 1:00pm in the Gold Gym. This year our plan is for ALL Royalty to be involved in our first ever Royalty/Staff Olympics. This will last from 1:00 - 1:30 and students will then be allowdt oattend the events/activities of their choice for the remainder of the school day.

Staff Supervised activities may include (weather conditions permitting):  Boot Hockey, Basketball, Sledding at Roosevelt Park, Movie in Auditorium, Dodgeball, and Open Gym, Open Skating at Community Arena (North Rink). 

THURSDAY, February 1st: PJ Day

No scheduled activities

FRIDAY, February 2nd: Gym Bros vs. Pilate Princesses

SATURDAY, February 3rd: SnoBall Dance (8:00 - 11:00) - Sadie Hawkins