Medallion Clues

The medallion is hidden somewhere on school or public property, and is not located on private property or within areas that are restricted for students.  Only ISD 544 students in grades 9-12 are eligible to win the grand prize of $50 to The Otter Outlet! Please have fun looking for the medallion this week! Good Luck!


I hope you are ready to start the game,

The hunt is for pride and fun and fame.

The medallion you seek is not easy to find,

The process of looking can be a grind.

Call the paper and strike up the band,

Because finding the medallion will feel so grand!


Upside downside inside outside

Where could the blue medallion hide?

The weather this week is very cold,

It’s likely that searching won’t be that bold.

If you need something to get you moving,

Tracey Lawrence had some lyrics that were grooving.

Think about what that could mean,

Consider a place that is rarely seen.


Wednesday’s clue gets us over the hump,

Head down the ramp and then you can jump!

The medallion is hiding out of plain sight,

The path is busy both day and night.

It’s best to keep looking with you ears,

Keeping record of memories over the years.




Congratulations to Tyler Kubela and Matthew Tuel for finding this year's medallion!