Medallion Clues

The medallion is hidden somewhere on school or public property, and is not located on private property or within areas that are restricted for students.  Only ISD 544 students in grades 9-12 are eligible to win the grand prize of $50 to The Otter Outlet! Please have fun looking for the medallion this week! Good Luck!


It is now time to get the first clue,

You seek a medallion glazed in blue.

Some might say this tradition is old,

It's part of the history of the Maroon and Gold.

You’ll need to consider certain places, 

Be sure to know appropriate spaces.

We invite you now to start this quest.

Enjoy the search we wish you the best!


The games we play make the challenge more fun,

It’s NOT in the park soaking up the sun.

The clues will lead you down a path of success,

The lack of snow has made this a mess.

This time around it's hidden inside,

Get in the game and show some pride!


It's been found!


It's been found!


It's been found!


Alexa Anderson and Vonna Dow found the Medallion under the Otter Bench outside of the Activities Office